Share Content, Earn Bitcoin.


Operators of this service are bound by US law. Unlawful content will be removed without warning or recompense, and will be referred to law enforcement if appropriate.


Instead of data collection and advertisements, a small fee is charged on a per-publish basis to maintain platform hygeine.

The publish fee is denominated in satoshis and may vary, but is comparable to the cost of a postage stamp.

Lightning Network routing fees and operator margin are deducted from monetization, totaling approximately 1%.

Registering Lightning.Video/MyChannelName is free, but requires 10 total publishes or publish credits to deter squatting.
(An invoice to buy Publish Credits will be presented at channel registration, if needed to satisfy the publish minimum.)


Who operates this service?

Shock Network, Inc, a US Delaware Corporation

Is this open source?

Mostly, see our Github.

How long will my content stay up?

Minimum of 90 days, but indefinitely if it receives regular engagement.

Do you KYC?

We do not touch fiat and therefore do not collect PII. Earnings subject to taxation are the responsibility of the user in their jurisdiction.

Can I use my own node?

This infrastructure is provided as service, for a sovereign setup see our Github.

Can I open a channel to you?

Yes, we operate redundant and well-connected LND routers with 100k/sat minimum channel size.


Will you consider accepting my shitcoin?

laser eyes

I have more questions, best contact?